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Help Us Build Power and Reimagine Femininity!

Your donation helps build, educate, and grow the Frailty Myths family across the world. Each donation helps fund our free workshops on self-reliance, hands-on skills, and smashing the myth of frailty.

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We are building the world we want to live in!

We couldn't do this work without you. Every donation you make helps us at Frailty Myths continue the transformative and important work of gender justice.

Frailty Myths empowers women, trans, and gender non conforming people across the country. We host all kinds of workshops that offer hands-on skill building and facilitated discussions about societal myths and work through how to unpack the impact of patriarchal systems.

We know that when women, trans, and gender non conforming folks discover and re-discover their physical capabilities, our bodies and minds become stronger, and we embrace our independence, our leadership capabilities, and our ability to stand up for ourselves and for others.

Each one of our community workshops is free to participants. Frailty Myths workshops use experiential learning and pedagogical practices steeped in research and lived experience to create a transformative program. Our skilled facilitators lead students through guided conversations about the societal myths surrounding femininity, frailty, strength, and power. We work through ways to actively dispel these myths and replace them with constructive tools to apply in day to day life, and interactions.

Every donation you make provides to resources, space, and skills to communities around the United States.